'The Institute of Medical Physics delivers the very best in Aesthetic & Laser Medicine. Alleviate any concern at their state-of-the-art clinics with each patient journey personally supervised by expert Bio Physicist Dott. Emanuel Paleco for outstanding results every time. A Medical & Aesthetic clinic like no other' - Evening Standard

Dott. E. Paleco

Considered to be the master of his field world-over, Dr. Emanuel Paleco co-founded the Institute of Medical Physics.

He initially earned his education in Quantum Nuclear Engineering prior to mastering in Biology, Nutrition and Sports Science. Dr. Paleco then went on to lead research in Genetics & Transdermal Delivery while consulting for world-renowned medical device manufacturers. He developed countless innovations in laser science and trained Doctors from across the world to correctly administer procedures, including UK, USA, Japan, Germany, Italy & Russia.

In 2018, Dr. Emanuel Paleco co-founded the Institue of Medical Physics. Unifying his ground breaking research in Laser Science, together with his unique perspective on scientifically driven Bio-Cosmeceuticals, Dr. Paleco meticulously developed the most profound corrective & restorative medical and aesthetic procedures delivering the ultimate result.

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