Hexapeptide-19 Eye Correction Cream

Smart Neuro-Lifting Dose; Neutralises Lines, Depigments + Brightens Contour, Inhibits Peri-Orbital Puffiness & Inflammation. Hexapeptide-19 Exopolysaccaride Hexapeptide-19 Exopolysaccaride: Our precious neurotox-like conception formed via sequences of amino acids which bind in a highly specific way to cell receptors with a micro-decontracting efficacy. Extensive in-vivo & in-vitro studies demonstrate an immediate anti-wrinkle & tightening effect on the collagen fibre network. Luminescence Phytocomplex: Our depigmenting complex that works to inhibit tyrosinase while simultaneously protecting the skin from high-energy UV radiation transforming it into a source of light that radiates directly from the skin. Also rich in specific vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants to normalise the peri-orbital contour.

Key benefits

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